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What is Sustainable Travel? Do Your Part & Make a Difference

Sustainable Travel I am a huge advocate for sustainability in global health. If you want to learn more about global health and what it means to have a sustainable practice, check out my global health posts here! But what about sustainable travel? What if you can make a difference during your ... VIEW POST

Create a Lifestyle Blog Worth Reading

Lifestyle Blog Takeover The blogging world is growing exponentially. Everyone and their mother is starting a blog. What is a "lifestyle blog," really? A bunch of ramblings from people who think they have their life together enough to share their advice on how to live? Don't be one of those blogs. ... VIEW POST

How to Get Cheap Flights – Traveling on a Student Dime

Traveling on a Student Dime - Find Cheap Flights A lot of people ask me how I manage to travel so much in medical school. My answer to anything medical school related: planning is everything. I have learned how to budget both my money and time that I get off. Some people study for boards on breaks, ... VIEW POST

Dressing Up Jeans with a Long Cardigan & Heels

The Long Cardigan || Heading to Platform 9 3/4 I am not going to lie... my favorite part about this long cardigan is that I feel like I am going to Hogwarts when I wear it. Not only is it so cute, but I seriously have so much fun wearing it. It is just fun to feel it trailing behind you a little ... VIEW POST